Hi everybody, it's Dominique here!
I've been so busy lately that I don't even have much time to myself. I finally have a break today so I decided to come online and leave a message for you all.
Thanks for all the support, I guess I have to say that the road becoming an artiste hasn't been the easiest. Of course there were times that I actually felt so alone and miss home but being on stage is a feeling that I can't even describe so it's all my fans that keep me going.
Thanks for coming here and leaving messages as well, I do read them and I will keep on trying my hardest. As you all know this coming Saturday and Sunday I have events in Kaoh Shiung, Taichung and Taipei. I hope you guys can all come and watch me perform and I can finally meet some of you. 
I'm gonna be really nervous so I really do need you guys to cheer for me, I keep on having dreams that I'm gonna fall off stage or forget my dance steps or something. Haha! Well I'm gonna try my best anyways. 
Sorry I have to write everything in English but I think they will translate it into chinese for me, maybe next time I can just write chinese. 
Kisses to everyone,

Kisses to everyone,
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  • 玉如*
  • 哈囉!DOM~
    ,哈哈!!!期待好久的簽唱會,終於要展開了,妳要加油再加油,別擔心,妳一定是舞台上,最亮麗的星,哈哈!!我們簽唱會見囉!!BYE!love U~
  • bsygill
  • 支持詩蕓

  • Sylvia
  • Hello~Dominique~

    Dear Dominique
    Do you remember me?
    I'm Sylvia who came to your Taipei D-doll autograph session (2007/5/27)
    And play the finger-guessing game with you

    This is my first time to see you
    You're so charming and so kind!
    I'm so exciting and nervous in that time!!!

    I'd gave you a present "little tiger "
    I'd check your birthday many days ago
    We birth in the same year
    Chinese zodiac is tiger
    Hope you will like it!

    Cheer up!
    You are so excellent!

    It's my album~~
    Hope you can leave a msg for me^^

  • KK
  • always believe in yourself about what's right or wrong that your heart tells you. It always tells from ones heart about what kind of person you wanna be..like CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs said, "All the dots don't connect forward, they only have meaning when they're connected backwards" which means that no matter what you did for now, you must choose something that you really love and feel interesting the most. Don't consider if they're worth doing or not, they'll eventually connect in the future and brings you great success!

    Keep up the good work! Fighting! :)